Own Your Own Custom Scooter

At our New Orleans store we carry a wide variety of 150cc scooters and 50cc scooters, including retro scooters. All our scooters come with a one-year warranty and can be customized according to your own personal tastes. We also offer detailing, restorations, and repairs to make your bike efficient and unique!

wBintelli-Sprint scooter Sprint ($1,100 50cc, small, Top speed 35mph )

wBintelli-Scorch scooterScorch ($1,400 50cc, midsize,Top speed 35mph ) or ($1,600 150cc, Topspeed 55-60mph)

wBintelli-Havoc scooter Havoc ($1,700 150cc, FullSize, TopSpeed 55-60mph, F/B ABS )

wBintelli-Breeze-1 scooter Breeze ($1,200 50cc Small, Top speed 35mph )


wWolf-W1 scooterW1 ($1,200 50cc midsize, Top speed 35mph )

wWolf-Lucky scooter Lucky ($1400 50cc midsize TopSpeed 35mph) or ($1500 150cc midsize, TopSpeed 55mph)

wWolf-V150 scooter

V150 ($1,500 150cc Top Speed 55-60mph )


wPCC-Roadster-50 scooter

Sprint ($1,100 50cc, small, Top speed 35mph )

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