Trust Our Experts

Just like any vehicle, scooters and ATVs need occasional maintenance to stay in good working order, especially after a hard season on the trail. Regular servicing can help extend the life of your vehicle, improve gas mileage, and prevent it from breaking down unexpectedly. Our staff members know scooters inside and out, and we offer a warranty on all the work we do, so you can feel confident that your vehicle is in good hands when you drop it off. Visit our store for servicing and repairs on all your vehicles. We’ll even tow your vehicle to our location if necessary.

Modify or Customize Your Scooter

In addition to normal repairs, our technicians can help you modify or customize your scooter or ATV. Give it your own personal flair and make a statement every time you hit the road! We also specialize in retro scooters and can help you restore your old scooter back to working order, so it’ll be ready to take you on your next adventure.

A One-Stop Scooter Shop

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, and we love sharing our passion with our community! We do our best to provide all the scooter and off-road vehicle services you could need so that you can have a worry-free ATV experience. In addition to repairs, we are happy to provide towing, delivery, and much more. Please feel free to call our shop or stop by in person if you’re looking for something specific, and we will do our best to provide!

Visit Our Store

Whether you’re looking for scooter repairs or are thinking about adding a new vehicle to your collection, our store is open six days a week, and we invite you to stop by with any questions you may have. Come in and browse our selection of vehicles and accessories or bring in your vehicle for servicing. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions or provide any repairs you need on-site. You can also call our store for more information on our scooters and services.